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The Thought of Being Happy Chapter 6

The Mouth on this One

A/N: So, you’ll notice this isn't anything like my previous chapters. Just a warning for all of my readers, and a heads up for the people who asked for something like this, this does contain smut, and I’m not going to lie, it consumes most of the chapter. However, it genuinely moves the plot forward, and I’m extremely proud of it. Originally, I was just going to write out a paragraph or two at most and “censor” it out of the story, but it sort of spiraled into a whole other plot, and I hope you all won’t mind. I meant to post it separately because I know it’s a BIG change from most of my chapters, and I’d like to say now that this was something entirely new for me. So I apologize in advance if you were disappointed with the outcome of this chapter, but it was genuinely all that I could think of to make it worthwhile. I want to thank you all so much for your patience, I haven’t been nearly as active as I’d planned! There’s just a lot going on right now, and I haven’t been feeling 100% as of late, I hope you can understand. This is all I can produce for you guys at the moment, so I apologize in advance, and again, thank you so much for reading, guys!

Jack sucks in a sharp breath as Hoody straddles him, taking over. His heart pounds as he goes for another heated kiss.

He feels Hoody’s teeth scrape against his throat, and he throws his head back.

Jack remembers when they used to do this for fun.

Early mornings, hips rolling, lips parting, their hands grabbing for anything - but they’d always end up the same way, Jack’s open mouth on Hoody’s neck, his arms wrapped tightly around Hoody’s back, the smaller man tucking his own close between their chests, not sure if touching on his part was allowed.

Hoody would never say much throughout these displays, quite content with his quiet show of gasps and shudders as he let Jack take over and do all of the work.

Jack on the other hand, was loud. He’d mutter under his breath, a filthy string of words meant only for Hoody’s ears. He’d curse and quite literally growl into his neck, and Hoody would tremble in excitement as Jack’s moans and mumbles transcended into Latin, the sweet sound of a long lost language thick on his tongue, accent perfect and steady as he’d rise in volume, completely unabashed and shameless as he rolled his hips in a perfect rhythm.

Jack misses having that release, he misses the casual intimacy they used to relish in. He feels neglected to an extreme.

They haven’t done this in years, and even now it feels tainted, like something done in a rush, a pure act on adrenaline, something meant to be a distraction. Jack doesn’t mind, though, he’s used to being used. He tries not to let it get to him.

Hoody begins slow, face buried deep in Jack’s neck, he bucks forward. He starts grinding, steady and gradual, until Jack’s a quivering mess, huffing and pulling him forward for another swollen kiss.

He’s practically shaking with anticipation, pink lips leaving messy trails all over Hoody’s neck, hands wrapping around his back and pulling him in as close as he can get. Jack gets impatient, so he pushes back up against Hoody’s rolling hips, rocking his own roughly upward, and Hoody’s breath hitches as he’s straddled.

Jack tries not to moan because Hoody starts kissing all around his throat, nipping at his collarbone, and nibbling that special spot right behind his ear.


Hoody knows how to work him, knows his triggers, knows what’ll make him jolt and gasp and whine and growl and stutter and beg -- Jesus fuck he knows how to make him beg -- because this used to be a game they played, something that was theirs before anyone else was there to drive a wedge in between them. Hoody is his, he has always been his, he’ll always be his, and right now -- cock aching, hips rocking, lips quivering, hands sliding up to grip Hoody’s ass, his entire body trembling -- he knows where Hoody belongs - here, shivering against his tight hold, body tense and eyes dark as he pulls Jack forward for another savage kiss.


Jeff passes by outside. The deep moans they’re eliciting catch his attention, he pauses to take a few steps back at the entrance.

after a few moments, he blinks in realization and hisses under his breath quietly, “Son of a biiiiiiiiitch.” he draws out as he keeps walking.


Jack scoffs, that’ll teach them. He moves to undo his belt, his shaky hands tugging on the loose end of leather.

“I can do it.” Hoody cuts into his efforts sharply, reaching to yank off his belt himself and slip down his jeans, fuck is Jack hard.

It looks painful, bulge trapped in those tight jeans, Hoody almost feels sorry, but his face remains stern. Using his fingers, he yanks his boxers down roughly, letting Jack’s throbbing cock slip free, Jack shudders.

Hoody pauses right then and stares, eyes flickering to where Jack’s trembling, lips parted, mouth swollen, his hands digging into the mattress below and his hips thrust in the air, cock pressing against his stomach in a beautiful arch. He’s making these low keening noises, lovely little high notes just for him, and he’s panting sweet nothings, hand gently smoothing down Hoody’s roughed up hair. He’s staring down at him with want, no - need, he fucking needs this, squirming in front of him, open and vulnerable like this.

Hoody hears Jack whisper, “
Please.” in a strained, gruff voice.

As Hoody inhales, he’s enveloped by the smell of Jack’s hair, his clothes, his skin, and God he’s never been more aroused, he wants it everywhere, he wants to smell it all the time, he’s fucking in love with it, can’t get enough of it, enough of
Jack -- suddenly, Hoody can’t think of anywhere else he’d rather be than right here, settled between Jack’s thighs, body trembling with excitement and anticipation.

Hoody licks a wet line up the underside of his cock, and Jack tips his head back, rocking his hips forward, shuddering as his whole body convulses under the weight of pleasure. He never knew he would get this from Hoody, never knew he’d be so willing to do it, and god he loves him so much, so fucking much, his entire body quivering with lust and want and this is more than he could’ve ever even hoped to ask for.

Hoody seals his mouth around Jack’s cock, fisting the base as he sucks, cheeks hollowing.  

Hoody’s mouth is wet and hot around him, and Jack rocks into him, fucking into his mouth as slow as he can manage and moaning, his entire body quivering and tensing and jolting because holy hell, Hoody’s so fucking good at this. He can’t even breath right, chest rising and breath hitching as squirms.

A sharp wave of pleasure hit him, and he moans, “You’re doing so fucking good, Jesus Hoody.”

He spills into Hoody’s mouth, quivering shamelessly in light of the aftershocks of his trembling orgasm. He wishes he could say he didn’t black out, but he wakes up collapsed on Hoody’s chest, pulled there and breathing shallowly. He smiles up at him, teeth gleaming and canines showing and Hoody smiles right back, kissing him, this time softly, taking his sweet time, kissing him on the corner of his lips, on the bridge of his nose, the caved in scar on his cheek, above his lips, his forehead.

He kisses him quietly into tears and back into sleep.


Later that evening, Jack is reluctant to go back to his own dorm.

It’s lonely and quiet, and he hates it. He should be with Hoody, all wrapped around him with his mouth on his neck, breathing onto his skin softly, sucking the flesh there till it’s dotted red, just like his wrist. He’d mark his collarbones, his chest, his hips...

Jack groans and tosses himself onto his bed, rolling onto his stomach. He gets himself worked up like this more often than he’d ever care to admit. He finds it amazing how Hoody can do this to him.

Jack slicks himself with precome, already hard as he wraps a tight fist around his cock and squeezes lightly. He starts pumping along his shaft, starting off slow at first, but he falls apart quickly, flicking his wrist as he moans.

Jack wants nothing more than to feel Hoody inside his mouth, see what makes him tick. He wants to fucking taste him, slick and wet, he’d treat Hoody right, like a fucking princess. Suck him off until he’s screaming for him -- just him.

Being a half demon has it’s perks. The flat of his tongue is smooth and textured, made just for this kind of thing. Demons are sexual, lustful abominations, made in hell, made for sex, his tongue is literally made for this, for Hoody, and he can’t wait to try it out, to watch him shudder and tremble beneath him.

He can already see him, Clutching the bed sheets in his fists and gripping them tight because he’s so fucking shy, he wouldn’t think to grab Jack’s hair, but Jack would insist, do it for him, let him yank his head back as hard as he wants, and Hoody would try to restrain himself, to keep his hips firmly in place, squirming with the overwhelming pleasure of it all. Then Jack would smile, yank his hips forward sharply, taking him all in at once, and Hoody would jolt wildly, cry out and thrust into his mouth freely, roughly, fucking frantic, because he just wouldn’t be able to help himself anymore. Jack whimpers into his pillow.

Jack suddenly seizes, his fist tight and shaky as he comes hard, body trembling with the force of it. His hips still thrusting with aftershocks.

With his mouth open on his pillow as he sucks in shuddering breaths in the darkness, he stills.


The next day, Jack wakes up wanting to kiss him. He wanders to Hoody’s room, clicking the door open quietly.

Hoody’s huddled in Masky’s arms, breath shallow and even, looking calm. Jack kneels next to him, tucks his smaller hand into his own, warms it in his palms before bringing it up to his mouth and kissing it, watching Masky intently as to not wake him.

Hoody’s eyes flutter open, his mouth parts into a huge grin, toes curling,  and Jack smiles back, his heart full and nearly bursting when he hears Hoody’s pulse and realizes just how excited he is to see him.

He pulls up Hoody’s sleeve, starts kissing softly up his arm, Hoody shivers with delight, flips his arm so that his palm is face up, and Jack reaches his collarbones,  kisses his cheeks, kisses into his hair, takes a deep breath, inhales Hoody’s morning scent, all soft and warm, he presses their cheeks together. Finally, he tilts his head up, kissing him softly, tenderly, large hands wrapping around his back, pulling him close, taking him away from Masky’s warmth, and Hoody whines groggily.

“Mm, no, freezing...”

Jack chuckles, lifting him up anyway, Hoody just curls in on himself and grumbles.

He takes them out into the hallway, shutting the door quietly behind them. As they make their way down the hall, Jack gets real close, his shaky lips pressing against Hoody’s temples in a quick kiss, “I’ve been thinking about you all morning, thought about you last night, too.”

Hoody stays silent, but Jack tilts his head at an angle, watches the grin play on Hoody’s features.

Jack continues, “Wanted you in my bed this morning, wanted to kiss you so bad. Last night, I was so tired, I wanted to wrap myself around you, fall asleep with you tucked right there, just like we used to.”

Hoody hums in acknowledgment, “That would be nice.” he tucks his head into Jack’s neck.

Jack’s heart flutters in his chest, “Yeah?” he licks his lips, “You wanna try tonight?”

Hoody considers, then nods his head a few times, “That would be delightful, I would love to.”

For a brief second, Jack thinks it’s all a lie, that this is all too good to be true. What if he wakes to find himself on Ben’s floor, flask still in hand, contents drained, what if this is all a lie? That makes Jack panic, makes the demon inside him pump wildly, aggressively, possessively. He wouldn’t be able to take that, not now, not ever. And if this is all just a fever dream, if he’s in a coma somewhere, then please, let it last.

The Thought of Being Happy - Chapter 6
I wanted this chapter to be more about Jack than anyone else, his perspective shines through a bit more. What was Hoody doing in Masky’s arms that morning?


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United States
Hey everyone! 

I'm sorry for the extreme lack of content lately. I've been super busy, and I'll probably be inactive for the better part of the rest of the year, and them some. That's not to say I won't update or at least try to get something out to you guys (because I know a lot of you have been waiting very patiently for the next chapter), but I won't be on frequently. 

I'm updating now because I don't want you guys to think I've abandoned this account. I've been making steady progress with The Thought of Being Happy, and some other work on the side, but don't expect anything story-related coming out anytime soon. 

Again, I apologise to those of you who've been waiting, but time just hasn't been on my side as of late.

I'm currently applying to High schools, and it's not what I thought it would be. (Help, i'm drowing in difficult exams and icky paperwork!) It's stressful and confusing, and to top it off, I might be moving in a few weeks. As you can imagine, school's overload of work hasn't been helping.

I just want you guys to know that I appreciate your kind and thoughtful comments, and I'm sorry if I haven't gotten a chance to respond to them yet!

Thank you!

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