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The Thought of Being Happy - Chapter 6
The Thought of Being Happy Chapter 6
The Mouth on this One
A/N: So, you’ll notice this isn't anything like my previous chapters. Just a warning for all of my readers, and a heads up for the people who asked for something like this, this does contain smut, and I’m not going to lie, it consumes most of the chapter. However, it genuinely moves the plot forward, and I’m extremely proud of it. Originally, I was just going to write out a paragraph or two at most and “censor” it out of the story, but it sort of spiraled into a whole other plot, and I hope you all won’t mind. I meant to post it separately because I know it’s a BIG change from most of my chapters, and I’d like to say now that this was something entirely new for me. So I apologize in advance if you were disappointed with the outcome of this chapter, but it was genuinely all that I could think of to make it worthwhile. I want to thank you all so much for your
:icondelightedwaffle:DelightedWaffle 5 18
Like You Anytime
Ben liked Jeff,
Every morning, he’d climb down from the top bunk of their bed, and gently shake him awake.
Jeff liked Ben,
Every morning, he’d wake up to his soft smile, and his tiny, pricked ears.
Ben liked Jeff,
Every morning, he choked on his cereal as he tried to stifle laughter.
Jeff liked Ben,
Every morning, he’d tell the tiny elf jokes while he ate, just to see him spew out a mess of milk and corn flakes as he laughed.
Ben liked Jeff,
Every afternoon, while the proxy trained, he’d sit out on the porch and watch for support.
Jeff liked Ben,
Every afternoon, he’d show off his skills as the tiny elf looked on.
Ben liked Jeff,
Every afternoon, he’d hastily patch him up, wincing when he went over a cut too roughly.
Jeff liked Ben,
Every afternoon, he’d sit on the counter patiently while Ben tended to his wounds.
Ben liked Jeff,
Every afternoon, he’d sit by him on the couch.
Jeff liked Ben,
Every afternoon, he’d wait for the elf to
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The Thought of Being Happy: Chapter 5
A/N: I tried to be less dramatic in this chapter and actually make things happen, as opposed to dragging the story on and on without any major occurrences since one of my best friends said that it was getting kinda boring what with only minor exaggerated things going on. So, I hope this is better? Again, thank you sososososososososososo much for the help and support, and I'm really sorry I kept you guys waiting again.
Alsooooooooooo, Happy birthday :icontigertheproxy: !! I hope you have a great day! :D
Masky didn’t know how, but somewhere in between sobbing and falling asleep, Jack had found his way onto Hoody’s bare chest.
He had climbed on at Hoody’s request, slipping easily into unconsciousness after just a few minutes. Hoody had fallen asleep too, and by the time that he had noticed, he found that he was also beginning to drift off.
Jack snored softly in his sleep, his clawed hands baring a furious grip on the covers. Beneath him, Hoody lay half naked u
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Knots and Tangles
Braiding has become Tony’s favorite pastime.
What with Notepad’s tendency to get into messes that often lead to her hair getting tangled, and Red’s marvelous rug of a mane, it’s become somewhat of a hobby. When there’s nothing left to plan, and nothing else to be done, he crosses his legs and let’s Notepad sit in between them.
He spends hours untangling colorful strands and brushing through lively curls, rocking back and forth with the chime of the clock. He quickly bundles the tame parts of her hair when he sees her getting antsy, he knows how much she hates sitting in one place for too long. So he lets her wander for a bit, watching her stretch her legs and run about, the massive mess of loose ponytails swaying as they bounce right behind her.
The giant, infinite knot covering back of her head is much harder to tackle, it’s thick and heavy, and curls itself back into a strangled mess of waves when he’s not looking. It’s a pain to
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How to Take Care of a Hoody 2
How to take care of Hoody the right way
Written by Jack
1. Hoody is allowed to have anything he wants, mainly sugary sweets before he goes to bed.
2. Hoody can always have “Crunchie Munchies” in the morning, just clean up the mess afterwards.
3. Dress up as Robin everytime Hoody dresses up as Batman, Masky will never suspect.
4. Help him steal Alex’s stuff whenever he asks.
5. Don't try finding Hoody’s junk food stash, he always hides it in a different spot everyday. (Usually under his bed)
6. Do not let Hoody watch SAW.
7. For the love of God, don’t even let him see the trailers.
8. Don’t fucking do it.
9. Just don’t.
10. You Rick Roll Hoody, you get falcon punched.
11. Convince Hoody to make Masky ‘walk through walls’. Shit’s always funny.
12. Whenever Masky takes away Hoody’s ‘blanket’, give him your Jacket as a replacement.
13. Steal Hoody’s candy bars. It’s a game. He lik
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The Thought of Being Happy: Chapter 4
A/N: Woo, a lot of feels are thrown around in this one. You have no idea how sorry I am for taking so long to update this story. I was just stuck for a while on where to go in the chapter. It's a bit short, I hope you don't mind. I promise you that I won't take as long next time. Well, I hope you enjoy chapter 4, tell me what you think!
                                          More Like Jackass
“Dude…are you sure about this?” BEN asked as he looked down at the needle in his palms. He shook it, causing the contents to shake.
Jeff shuddered besides him, there wasn’t much that could shake the cold-blooded killer into fright, but this was definitely one of the exceptions.
Jack nodded his head enthusiastically, grinning so widely that it seemed almost physically impossible for his mouth to
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Dammit Masky
Hoody loved Masky.
He loved the way Masky caressed his sensitive ears with his soft, subtle lips, and hummed sweet words to him.
He loved the way he rubbed his inner thigh in a sensual manner, coaxing him into relaxation and submission.
He loved how he pressed his elegant smile against his warm skin, kissing and nibbling at times, seeming more like a restless ravenous dog with nothing better to do than to play.
He loved hearing his slightly raspy voice in the mornings, and feeling of the slight vibrations he made every time he chuckled at one of his sadistic and badly executed jokes.
He loved feeling his gruff breath as it lingered on his sensitive neck, and feeling those soft lips trail down his throat until they reached his collarbone and teasingly shifted upwards again.
He loved hearing the low rumbles and groans that his majestic voice produced every time he laughed.
He loved every whisper, every growl, every hiss, and every delicate and serene word they exchanged in bed.
He loved
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Zalgo Reference Sheet by DelightedWaffle Zalgo Reference Sheet :icondelightedwaffle:DelightedWaffle 3 4
Hoody of Mine
The night is dark and fuzzy, the air feels dry and thick as the nauseous fumes engulf your very being. It makes you feel sick as usual. It’s less foggy than normal tonight, so you take the chance and get out of the house while you still can. You’ve been dying to get away from the people you know.
You aimlessly wander the disgusting and polluted streets of your home town, mindlessly kicking the broken bottles and scratched up cans out of your way as you walk.
As you stomp angrily away from your apartment, you can’t help but let out a small whimper as you sniffle.
Your once beautiful _____ eyes were now puffy and red. You tug your black hood on lazily as your vision blurs. You can’t feel anything, not sympathy, not sadness, nothing. The most you could feel was rage.
You were angry. You were angry at your parents, you were angry with your friends, you were angry at everyone!
…Even yourself.
You push these devastating thoughts away as you continue down the ro
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Take your Hoody and love him. by DelightedWaffle Take your Hoody and love him. :icondelightedwaffle:DelightedWaffle 37 11


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United States
Hey everyone! 

I'm sorry for the extreme lack of content lately. I've been super busy, and I'll probably be inactive for the better part of the rest of the year, and them some. That's not to say I won't update or at least try to get something out to you guys (because I know a lot of you have been waiting very patiently for the next chapter), but I won't be on frequently. 

I'm updating now because I don't want you guys to think I've abandoned this account. I've been making steady progress with The Thought of Being Happy, and some other work on the side, but don't expect anything story-related coming out anytime soon. 

Again, I apologise to those of you who've been waiting, but time just hasn't been on my side as of late.

I'm currently applying to High schools, and it's not what I thought it would be. (Help, i'm drowing in difficult exams and icky paperwork!) It's stressful and confusing, and to top it off, I might be moving in a few weeks. As you can imagine, school's overload of work hasn't been helping.

I just want you guys to know that I appreciate your kind and thoughtful comments, and I'm sorry if I haven't gotten a chance to respond to them yet!

Thank you!


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